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Treetop Adventure Plus

If you’re a nimble young daredevil over 1.2m and 6 years old or an adult discovering your tree legs, our Treetop Adventure+ is for you. You can buddy up and work as a team through the tricky crossings or go for the glory to see who can complete the course the fastest.

Our Treetop Adventure+ experience gives you access to all the loops of our Adventure course. Once you've found your feet and head for heights then take the fun to new levels on Adventure+. Leap longer across suspended obstacles, climb to higher platforms and fly down en even longer zip for the finale. It will certainly be a family trip out to remember.

Prices: £25

go ape tree top adventure plus restrictions
go ape treetop adventure plus supervision ratios

An adult (18+) can supervise up to 8 children aged 6-15 years from the ground or on the course.

Adventure Overview

  • Safety

    Continuous Belay

  • Duration

    1 hour