Get Ahead For Half Term!

  • Sophie
  • 11th February 2016

The half term holidays are looming..

which means that kids up and down the country will be counting the days until they can throw off their school bags and enjoy a week of fun and freedom. But it also means that parents will be getting that familiar feeling of worry about how they are going to entertain their tribe for all that time!

Well, fear not; we're bringing you a guide to getting ahead for half term, so that you can plan activities right through the week and hopefully prevent those moans of 'I'm booooored' although we can't promise that! As the saying goes (we think): perfect planning prevents poor performance. So, here are some activities you can start planning now!

Get back to nature

Kids are never happier than when they're in the great outdoors, feeling the wind in their hair and getting mud in their fingernails! From pond-dipping to sowing vegetables (now is the perfect time to plant French beans, onions and sugar peas), it's easy, fun and affordable to get your little ones back to nature. To help you get organised, The Wildlife Trust has a great database of outdoor events and activities throughout the country in 2016 â why not take a look and see whatâs going on near you this February?

Get lost

Well, kind of! Orienteering is a great way for your kids to learn new skills, from map-reading to patience and teamwork. Plan a route according to your children's ages - little ones might only be able to go a mile, whereas older kids will be up for a much longer adventure - and preferably, one that takes them through fields and woodland, passing streams, rivers and other interesting landmarks. Make sure everyone has a good pair of walking boots and give each child their own backpack containing snacks, water, a compass, a waterproof jacket and their own copy of the map (so no fighting over who gets to hold it!). You could also pack a disposable camera each for taking wildlife snaps along the way.

Get in the supplies

Unfortunately, we can never be guaranteed good weather in this country - especially not in February! While we're big fans of getting outside whatever the weather (a bit of howling wind really can add to the fun of being up in the trees!) sometimes it's just too extreme and you have to admit defeat and stay indoors to conserve your energy for your next day of adventure. Get some supplies in well ahead of time so that you're ready when an inevitable rainy day at home strikes; this could include scrap materials for making dens, art and craft supplies, DVDs, books, and of course, hot chocolate.

Get booking your Go Ape adventure!

After a day resting at home, you and your little ones may find yourselves going stir crazy. We may be biased, but we think there's no better way to use up all that energy than with an exciting day navigating the treetops and zooming down zip wires at Go Ape! It's super easy to book in advance on our website, or by calling 0845 643 9215, so there'll be no more last minute panic when your little monkeys start bouncing off the walls! We get really busy during school holidays so don't delay - see you in the trees!

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