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Published on 13/02/2024



Treetop Challenge is Go Ape’s original adventure and is one of our most extreme experiences. It’s filled with heart-pounding obstacles, exhilarating zip lines, and Tarzan Swings.

You’ll find Treetop Challenge courses at 35 of our locations across the UK, from the majestic Scottish Highlands to the lush forests of Southern England. However, every Treetop Challenge course is unique!

Some are more family focused, some are higher, and each one has different stunning views. But, which Treetop Challenge course is the hardest?

Read on to discover out top 10 hardest Treetop Challenge courses.

Who can do Treetop Challenge?

Firstly it’s important to understand who can do Treetop Challenge. Across our Treetop Challenge courses we do have two different safety systems, Continuous Belay and Self Belay, which determines who can do Treetop Challenge as well as the supervision ratios needed.

Want to learn more? Read on or check out our blog, continuous belay vs self belay

 Top 10 Treetop Challenge Courses at Go Ape

Our top 10 hardest Treetop Challenge courses are designed to push your boundaries and ignite your sense of adventure. Each course offers a distinctive, unforgettable adventure.


Let's delve into the unique aspects of each Treetop Challenge course:

1. Glentress Forest, Peebles


Bring your head for heights and a love for speed, to Go Ape Glentress Forest (Peebles), this Treetop Challenge course is definitely one for the adventure seekers.

The dramatic Scottish scenery is the perfect backdrop to this challenging course with a 325-metre-long zip wire across a valley that's a whopping 160ft high! See the adventure unfurl while you traverse the huge Douglas fir trees and zip over the mountain bike trails and open water.

2. Aberfoyle, Stirling


With a stunning backdrop of mountains and moorland, forest and woodland, rivers and lochs - Go Ape Aberfoyle's Treetop Challenge dual course really is zip wire heaven!

Home to Scotland's longest dual zip wires you’ll fly over trees and waterfalls with unprecedented, seasonal views of the hills, valleys and Highlands. 

The start of this Treetop Challenge packs a punch with a colossal 323-metre zip thrill before you’ve even tackled the high-rise challenges. Your reward? A whopping 45-metre-high, 426-metre-long flight back down to earth

3. Southampton, Hampshire

Go Ape Southampton snags the title of most extreme Treetop Challenge location in the South. This course turns up the thrill dial with more height, longer zip wires and an extra Tarzan Swing!

Rising to 12 metres from the forest floor, your journey through the treetops will put your skills to the test as you negotiate crossings of varying difficulty on your adventure. Deep in the forest you’ll soar down huge zip wires up to 200 metres long between each of the course’s sites.

Woman in blue on Go Ape Southampton Treetop Challenge ladder

4. Margam Park, South Wales

Margam Park is Go Ape’s sole location in Wales, and it packs a punch!

Sea views, a 19th century Tudor Gothic Mansion and beautiful parkland are the perfect backdrops to this Treetop Challenge, featuring the UK’s biggest Tarzan Swing - a six-metre leap of faith which will test your nerve and the strength of your stomach.

Immerse yourself in this dramatic Welsh Country park as you navigate sky-high platforms, massive zips and challenging crossings.

Woman in grey jumper on Go Ape Margam Park Treetop Challenge crossing

5. Battersea Park, South London


Push yourself further than ever before at Battersea Park, our highest Treetop Challenge in London!

There's more to this stacked course than meets the eye with people above, below and all around you. A head for heights is a must as the crossings are twice the height of most Go Ape locations.

Be ready to tackle high ropes obstacles such as the Zigzag Bridge, Stepping Stones and Tibetan Bridge before enjoying a thrilling zip wire flight down to another platform. And then another to the ground!

6. Delamere Forest, Cheshire

Go Ape Delamere Forest is designed to push adventurers past their comfort zones!

Some of this Treetop Challenge's highlights include views across Lake Linmere, wobbly bridges, tightropes and super-fast ziplines.

The natural terrain of Delamere Forest provides a rugged and dynamic environment, adding an extra element of thrill to this course!

Woman in pink t-shirt on Go Ape Delamere Treetop Challenge crossing

7. Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

Man in blue on Go Ape Cannock Treetop Challenge Tarzan Swing


Go Ape Cannock Chase is a jewel in our crown of Go Ape Treetop Challenge courses.

Prepare for two to three hours of high ropes fun, filled with dizzying 200m+ zip lines and 1,500m of tree-to-tree crossings - the longest of all our locations. The Slack lines and roller crossings are also resounding customer favourites!

8. Wendover Woods, Bucks

One of Buckinghamshire’s favourite outdoor activities, Wendover Wood’s Treetop Challenge is one to remember!

Set high up on in the Chilterns, enjoy spectacular and idyllic views across Aylesbury Vale, as you cross 14m platforms, tackle daredevil crossings, massive Tarzan Swings and zip-wires that will leave you buzzing.

Girl in pink t-shirt on Go Ape Wendover Woods Treetop Challenge crossing

9. Haldon Forest, Exeter

Rise to new heights amongst the towering Scots Pines of Haldon Forest’s Treetop Challenge!

Gear up for a heart-pounding adventure on this intricate high ropes course. Put your balance to the test on the wobbly og Balances and shout for joy on the massive Tarzan Swing. And, at over 200-metres long, the zip wire across the valley is a showstopper!

Person on Go Ape Haldon Forest Treetop Challenge crossing

10. Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

Woman in purple on Go Ape Dalby Forest Treetop Challenge zip line


They don't call this the Great Yorkshire Forest for nothing! With hilltop-to-hilltop zip wires and a plunging valley below, it's easy to understand why everyone loves the Go Ape Dalby Forest Treetop Challenge so much.

Buckle up for the ultimate test of balance and nerves on the wild Twister crossing, the equally challenging Khatanga Crossing and the stomach clenching Tarzan Swing. The 50m high, valley-to-valley zip wires are also belong on your bucket list.

Introducing Challenge Plus

Challenge Plus is a dialled-up version of Treetop Challenge that will test your mental grit and physical boundaries. Negotiating the tree-to-tree crossings will require balance, nerve and support from your Tribe as you'll be high above the forest canopy tackling demanding obstacles.

Challenge Plus is exclusively available at Go Ape Sherwood, Cockfosters and Thetford.

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