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Allez Banane! Une journee dans la vie...

  • Sophie
  • 1st July 2014

It's been a crazy few days for a young banana!

As if a bumpy tandem ride from Bedgebury wasn't enough to mash me I was then squashed and washed in a kayak on the lake at Tilgate Park, much to the surprise of the ducks.

I'm not entirely sure why I was picked up by a police van, being the Innocent Smoothie that I am, and was very relieved on being transferred to a Heart Radio car and then an ice cream van en route to Gatwick.

For the second time in a week I was airborne.

This time bound for Paris and, after being squeezed on a train and balanced on a trike, monocycle and puck puck my two gorillas took me to the Eiffel Tower for the most amazing banana-eye view of the city! C'est magnifique!

But we weren't to stay long as Eurostar was waiting to whisk us (not as messy as it sounds!) back to London.

My antics provided amusement at the Underground station and fortunately raised money for Teenage Cancer Trust in the process which is, after all, the purpose of my existence. Now with the Black Park gorillas I'm wondering what the next stage of my adventure will hold? Quelle surprise!

Follow my journey at and stop me from being put back in the fruit bowl by donating to Teenage Cancer Trust through our donation page.

Big Banana Paris
Big Banana Paris2
Big Banana Paris3
Big Banana Paris4

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