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Three Cheers For The Crawley Tribe!

  • Sophie
  • 26th June 2017

Here at Go Ape, we take pride in giving something back we want to do our bit.

That's why 30 of our Go Ape tribes (including Banana HQ) have joined forces with a local, dedicated charity. Throughout this year, each tribe will be raising awareness and cash for their chosen charity by planning and partaking in fun, adventure-filled activities (plus the occasional bake sale).

In the spotlight this week is the furry tribe at Go Ape Crawley, who recently embarked on a mammoth 36.9 mile walk for a truly great cause.

From gorillas to kangaroos

Crawley's charity of choice this year is Kangaroos. Based in Sussex, Kangaroos provides a range of fun, inclusive trips in and around the local area for children and young adults with complex medical needs and learning difficulties.

When we read the following on the Kangaroos website, we knew it was a fantastic cause and that we had to support it in any way we could:

'We strive to enrich the lives of our members and their families. We do not let their disabilities hold them back and enable them, in a safe and supporting way, to participate in the majority of activities that we all take for granted.'

Blisters and bruised heels

Now, we're sure you'll agree, a 37-mile trek is a mighty undertaking. Nevertheless, the Crawley tribe turned up to the forest on the morning of the fundraiser feeling mega excited and raring to go! Backpacks packed, walking boots were on, enthusiasm was sky high so after a quick 'before' team selfie with the on-site gorilla, they got on their way!

Luckily enough, the weather was on the tribe's side during the day (for the most part) not too hot, with a pleasant breeze. Which made it easier for the members who decided to rock a banana costume or monkey around by dressing as a gorilla.

The tribe's trek took a whopping 15 hours, from 6am to 9pm. Their journey mainly took them through lush green, peaceful countryside, providing the tribe with many picture-perfect stop-off points along the way.

Just over a week on from the fundraiser, the tribe are still nursing some aches and pains, but they enjoyed the challenge and would do it again in a heartbeat. "Please help make these sore legs and blistered feet feel worth it by donating anything you can to this charity, they said!

So, think you have a few pounds to donate?
As the Kangaroos website explains, £10 could buy a toy or craft materials, £25 could pay for an additional child to attend one of the charity's clubs, and £50 could pay entrance to a venue for a group of members. You can donate via the charity's JustGiving page.

A huge "thank you to anyone who has some spare cash to give to this incredibly worthy cause. And finally, three cheers for the awesome Crawley tribe who conquered this challenge! Hip hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!

Here are some photos from the walk ...





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