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Simply Out Of This World!

  • Sophie
  • 25th September 2015

There were those who said it would never happen, that it was a hair-brained scheme and an act of complete lunacy ....

But, in the truest sense of 'Living Life Adventurously', JAMIE PUT A BANANA & MONKEY INTO SPACE!


Ok, not a real monkey, and not outer space, but surely an amazing feat of engineering and ape courage. This is how it happened......

Preparation started weeks before

Designing a lightweight ring and casing for a couple of cameras and trackers to protect them from the cold and what would be a rough landing. Far from worrying about a deflating banana, this one was filled with polystyrene balls to prevent an epic fruity explosion. Less care was given to Monkey who was dispatched in only a tee shirt despite the minus 50 temperature.

With payload and lift finely balanced the balloon was launched at 14.10 on 12th September 2014 to the cheers of the assembled spectators and Gorilla Astronaut Beth. Flying through the clouds and into space at 4m/s Monkey managed to keep a smile on his face throughout and, even when the weather balloon burst 32km up, he managed to wave at the cameras as he hurtled back to earth under a parachute.

Thanks to some accurate flight path predictions (courtesy of Cambridge University) and the tracking devises the Banana & Monkey Recovery Team managed a speedy retrieval somewhere in a field in Lincolnshire. And the video footage? Extraordinary!


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