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An Adventure Shared...

  • Sophie
  • 24th April 2016

Adventure knows no boundaries.

An adventure can be as small as constructing a den with your kids in the back garden, or as huge as scaling one of the world's highest mountains. An adventure could be as simple as waking up early to catch the sunrise, or as scary as jumping out of a plane for your first-ever tandem skydive.

Whatever adventure awaits you, there's one thing we know to be true: the best adventures are shared adventures!

Living life adventurously

'Live life adventurously' - that's the Go Ape motto, as you probably already know. We inspire others to live their lives more adventurously, starting with swinging through the trees Tarzan-style on one of our Tree Top Adventures.

But now, we think it's your turn to do the inspiring. We don't want you to keep your adventures to yourself; we want you to share them with the world! If you've done something awesome recently, you should feel excited to tell people about it. If you got a promotion at work or scored an A* on an exam, you wouldn't keep the news to yourself, would you? You'd shout from the rooftops about it and that's what we want you to do about your recent adventures!

Sharing is caring

To make it easy for you to share your stories with the world, we've created the #ShareAdventure microsite. It's basically a database of people's exciting expeditions, with photos for proof.

The aim of the site is to start a domino effect of adventure. By hitting the 'Be Inspired' button, people can read all about other people's adventure-filled anecdotes. We hope that will either encourage them to try a similar adventure, or to get out there and embark on an utterly unique adventure of their own!

Perhaps you've been lax on the adventure front recently. You've got that fire in your belly but you're stuck for ideas on what to try next. You've climbed mountains, you've camped in the wild, you've cruised Britain's coastline in a campervan but what now? Well, head over to the #ShareAdventure site to find out what your next adventure should be!

Whether they're big or small, all adventures are worth sharing.

Wouldn't it feel good if you knew that you were responsible for giving someone the boost they needed to get out there and embrace adventure? To know that you've helped them lead a more fun and fulfilled life?

Oh, there's also another benefit of sharing your story there are some awesome goodies up for grabs, including Go Ape tees and hoodies, as well as free tickets to come hang out with us on a Tree Top Adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Be part of the adventure movement by sharing your story and inspiring others - starting today!

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