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Our #DreamAdventure Competition Is Now CLOSED!

  • Sophie
  • 30th August 2017

We've welcomed thousands of you into the forest this summer. The whole Tribe really came together to pull out all of the stops, but there's one woman in particular who needs a shout out.

Throughout July and August, the lovely Megan has been tirelessly making our nine lucky winners dream adventures come true. Fuelled by many, many cups of tea, she's organised everything from white water rafting trips to SCUBA tutorials. Bravo, Megan.Thanks as well to the thousands of you who entered. We've been blown away by the sheer number of entries, and are so happy that the spirit of adventure seems to be alive and well amongst our Tribe. Keep chasing those dreams, people. Adventures out there for the taking.In the meantime, here's the lowdown on our nine lucky winners.

Winner no.1: Sarah Boocock, Preston

WON: Kayaking in Cornwall
STATUS: Adventure complete

As the sea was a bit choppy on the day of our adventure we went to an old quarry, which was beautiful with high rock sides and trees. The water was 15 metres deep in the middle, crystal clear and perfectly still.At the end we piled all the kayaks and paddleboards up to form a pirate ship to paddle back together as a group, then had a fight pushing each other off the ship into the water to leave the last man standing. Thanks Go Ape we really enjoyed our adventure and hope to buy our own paddleboards so we can use them on local canals and lakes. North Cornwall Tors provided a really enjoyable, good fun adventure and are highly recommended.

Winner no. 2: Louise Casson, Blackpool

WON: Hot air ballooning across the Ribble Valley

STATUS: Adventure complete

 When our alarm went off at 5am, we looked out of our hotel over the picturesque and tranquil Ribble Valley. The ground was damp from rain and it was cloudy and dull, but by the time we reached the meeting point, it was sunny and calm. Just after 6am we met Graeme and his wife from Pendle and Cumbria Balloons. We were taken to the take-off site where the adventure began.

We started by helping to unload and inflate the balloon. It was fascinating to see how this was done. The balloon is first inflated with cold air from two huge fans, meaning it lays on the ground. This is when we realised how huge it was. You could walk around inside like you were in a giant inflatable cave.After this, the balloon's burners are used and the balloon stands itself upright and it's time to fly.The burners were hot. Very hot! But they kept us warm!

When taking off, we ascended quite quickly but incredibly peacefully. The views were phenomenal as we rose to almost 3000ft above the countryside. From here, it really was spectacular. After drifting above Clitheroe and Penske Hill, we descended to around 100ft and drifted along with the wind. From this height, we could see every little detail below. We watched rabbits running through fields, birds circling below us and several early morning riders waving at us as we drifted over their gardens.

The weather remained sunny and calm and it really was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. After landing we celebrated the flight with a glass of champagne! At 10:30am!It was great fun and we'd both do it again and recommend it to others. Thanks Go Ape!

Winner no.3: Christina Brown, Worcestershire

WON: Wing-walking

STATUS: Adventure complete

Unfortunately, availability was tricky for Christina's wing-walk. Instead, she opted for a series of smaller (but no less daring!) adventures in Scotland


When my son had his birthday at Go Ape in June, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be jumping off 45 metres off a bridge, white water rafting the River Tay and Tummel and canyoning the Falls of Bruar and Kirin eight weeks later. Thanks to Go Ape my dream adventure was made real.

Winner no.4: Justin Hopes, Brighton

WON: Scuba diving experience

STATUS: Adventure pending

Winner no.5: Maggie Prior, Hampshire

WON: Horse riding at Studland Bay, Dorset
STATUS: Adventure pending

Winner no.6: Nick Hagen, Nottinghamshire

WON: Mountain biking in North Wales
STATUS: Adventure pending

Winner no.7: Gill Jennison, Hull

WON: Whale watching off the coast of Whitby
STATUS: Adventure pending

Winner no.8: Toni Jackson, York

WON: White water rafting in Wales

STATUS: Adventure pending
Winner no.9: Sian Smail, Dorset

WON: A flight in a stunt plane for her partner, Mike

STATUS: Adventure pending

 We hope you had a lovely summer, everyone. We'll be back with more competitions and offers soon, so keep an eye on our website, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know. We like to treat our Tribe from time to time.

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