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May The Games Begin Competition

  • Sophie
  • 9th June 2017

Sometimes the routine of everyday life needs a bit of a shake-uphere at Go Ape, we feel there's no better way to do this than to set yourself a little challenge

After all, if we didn't step out of our comfort zone now and again, we'd hardly be swinging through the treetops with the wind in our hair - we'd probably just be hanging there, wishing someone would give us a push! That's why this May we decided to sound the jungle drums and test our loyal and fun-loving tribe with a series of challenges, designed to weed out any treetop talents they might be hiding or secret simian skills they might possess.

Our #MayTheGamesBegin competition saw us set our instructors a brand new challenge each week as well as offer our extended tribe the opportunity to outshine them by sharing a video of their skills on our social channels. As we suspected, you cheeky monkeys tackled each week's challenge with smiles on your faces and we have to say, we've never been more impressed!

Here's some of the impressive entries from the Tribe!

Who would have thought our instructors' tree-hugging capabilities could so closely compete with the magnificent koala? Or that our tribe could so delicately peel bananas with their dextrous feet? We should have known there would be some impressive yoga poses, held in the treetops with ease and, of course, one could hardly call themselves a member of the Go Ape tribe without at least attempting to roll a banana down their face and into their mouths!

Our whole ethos at Go Ape is centred around challenging yourself, embracing new activities and leading an adventurous lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the high ropes for the first time or setting yourself the goal of letting out the loudest Tarzan cry as you tackle the zip line, there's nothing more exhilarating than seeing what you are capable of at our Go Ape courses.

Why not put yourself to the test?


With 61 ways to Go Ape across the UK and 31 locations at which to do so! Who knows, you might even uncover a secret talent you never knew you had!

Thanks to everyone who stepped up to the plate and gave our challenges their best shot - you made us laugh, you made us cry (with laughter) and you've shown us that the Go Ape tribe is one talented bunch!

Don't forget to keep on challenging yourself - see you at your next visit, book it here!

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