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New Go Ape Turbo Adventure!

  • Sophie
  • 1st April 2016

Latest adventure unleashed

Wind turbines we hear you say? Yes wind turbines. Take a look for yourself. We're currently constructing one of our multi-award Tree Top Adventures onto the horizontal axis of a Scottish wind farm to create a revolutionary experience. Go Ape Turbo will challenge adventure-seekers like no other experience in the UK.

Go Ape Construction Manager Paul Love-Williams is leading the project. He said:

"The highest crossings are double the height of most Go Ape courses, and all obstacles are three times as long, making them extra wobbly and challenging. We've been tasked to develop our latest adventure and design a safe yet dynamic hybrid experience. It's certainly taking Go Ape to a new level."

The experience will last two hours, which will include a detailed safety brief. It will also include a two-tiered Zip, a first for Go Ape.

We have a slight confession. It's time to own up!

Our announcement this morning was an April Fool. Sadly there is no such thing as Turbo Adventure. *Cue sighs of relief from the Go Ape Safety Team.* But, good news, we do have new sites joining Go Ape family tree with Alexandra Palace and Chessington World of Adventures that's no joke! Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

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