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We're Millionaires!

  • Sophie
  • 20th August 2015

5 million thank yous!

Roll out the woodchip, turn up the lights and take a bow - it's time to recognise the men, women and beasts that have brought our philosophy to life. Each and every one of you!

Since we opened our forest doors fourteen years ago, 4,999,999 primates have chosen to live life adventurously.

Our 5 millionth customer...

Claire Haigh was officially THE five millionth to join our tribe so we thought we'd mark this hairy milestone and surprise her!

"Me, my sister and nephew had a fantastic time. The course was really good fun....although deciding on the extreme route on part 5 left my legs a little shaky!! Being the 5 millionth customer was a surprise the greeting I received on finishing the course was brilliant and cemented my memory of Go Ape. I will definitely be returning". Claire Haigh, 18.08.2015

A troop of Gorillas bundled Claire with Go Ape goodies, serenading her with the classic 'King of the Swingers' while she sipped banana champagne! Trust us, it's worth a watch...

Watch the celebrations:

Here's to the next five million!

And if you haven't joined the tribe yet, head to one of our adventures and get the party started!

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