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Get Involved With World Environment Day!

  • Sophie
  • 5th June 2015

Have you ever heard about World Environment Day?

Whether you have or haven't now is the time to get involved and help encourage awareness and action for the environment.

An initiative by the United Nations, World Environment Day occurs every year and focuses on a key theme to spark a positive change in caring for the world's ecosystem. This year the theme is:

"Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care"

We live in a fragile ecosystem, challenged by a high population and limited natural resources so keeping awareness flowing is key.

How can you get involved?

World Environment Day is for everyone! Towns, communities, schools, businesses, organisations or just you - every action counts - and you can register your activity here.

If you're thinking "what difference can I make?", here are a few super simple things you can do today to help protect the sustainability of our planet:

  • Choose local foods or those with Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certification
  • Conserve water - did you know it takes about three litres of water to produce a one litre of bottled water?
  • Pull the plug on unnecessary electrical items

It's that easy, and every action counts.

The sustainability of our planet is very important to Go Ape, for more on how we're helping protect the environment, click here.

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