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Don't Forget... We've Branched Out

  • Sophie
  • 22nd December 2016

Don't get us wrong, we love winter.

We love celebrating Christmas with our friends and family, we love how magical everything looks, and we love indulging in all that festive food and drink (mulled wine, anyone?).

But there are two things about winter that we don't love so much:

1. Having to wake up extra early in the morning to de-ice the car in the freezing cold.

2. Not seeing you lovely lot as much!

As you know, our Tree Top Adventure courses take some time-out during the winter, with most of them opening back up again in February. Although, luckily for the little monkeys, our Tree Top Junior courses stay open!

Anyway, for those of you who are fully grown, if you're looking for something to fill that Go Ape void this winter, we've got the perfect activity: Air Space!

If you didn't know already, Go Ape has branched out, adding another one-of-a-kind adventure to its already impressive line-up!

This time, instead of trees, it's trampolines. Over 100 trampolines, in fact!

And they're all joined up to make up one gigantic, spring-loaded urban playground! You won't be swinging; you'll be bouncing, hopping, seat-dropping and somersaulting!

Air Space is open all year round and suitable for thrill-seekers aged five and up. There are parks in Glasgow, Wolverhampton and Stevenage, with Manchester and Liverpool Air Spaces coming soon!

How you spend your time at Air Space is completely up to you.

Perhaps you want to start off your adventure perfecting your skills in the main arena, before pulling some otherworldly mid-air moves (and impressing your mates) over at the power jumping tramp. Then, you could head to the mega-soft, giant air bag, which is ideal for fine-tuning your somersault technique!

If you're bouncing with your buds, why not split into two teams for a game of dodgeball with added bounce? You can also shoot hoops on a basketball court that's spring-loaded which can help a lot when trying to get the ball in the net!

Air Space also hosts some pretty special events you can get involved in. For instance, our Freestyle Fitness classes can help to keep you fit over the festive period (so you can eat all those mince pies guilt-free), or you can bounce/boogie 'til you drop at one of our Club Space nights!

Ready to be transported to new heights? Book your Air Space adventure today!

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