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Fun Ways To Wrap Your Go Ape Gift This Christmas

  • Sophie
  • 6th December 2016

So, you've made the (incredibly wise) decision to buy your loved one a Christmas gift they'll never forget: a day of fun and adventure exploring the trees and their own bravery at one of our Go Ape forests!

But how to present it to them?

A thoughtful and exciting gift such as this deserves to be presented in a thoughtful and exciting way wouldn't you agree? Just because you're giving somebody a gift voucher, doesn't mean you have to shove it in a boring white envelope and be done with it. Good monkeys, no! This year, we're giving away FREE virtual reality headsets with our postal gift vouchers so there's even more reason for you to put in that extra bit of effort!

Use this opportunity to set the scene for their experience, wet their appetite for adventure or just put a massive grin on their face before they've even seen what's inside! Here's some fun ideas for adding a little natural flair to your cards and gift wrapping€¦. Go Ape style!

Leaf printing

Showcase Mother Nature's beauty by using natural materials to make your very own cards and wrapping paper. Head outside and collect the most interesting leaves, flora and nettles you can find. Back home, roll out some Kraft brown wrapping paper, get your paints ready (keep things natural with greens, browns and oranges, or go festive with reds, white and gold) then paint the veiny side of each leaf, before flipping (carefully!) onto the paper. Once dry, it's ready to use! You can do the same on plain white card to make a Christmas card that's truly unique.

Potato printing

If you're feeling crafty, you can always give good old-fashioned potato printing a try! Simply cut a potato in half down the middle, then carve the cut end into a basic shape we'd go for a tree theme, obviously then use it as a stamp to create your own bespoke designs! We think a classic Christmas tree shape would work well, but you could also try carving an oak tree, a maple leaf, a Horse-chestnut leaf, an acorn€¦we could go on and on!

Cheeky monkey

Buying a voucher for a little monkey to try out our Tree Top Junior course? Make it even MORE fun by nestling the envelope in the arms of a cuddly toy monkey perhaps with a special note from the monkey itself! For example: "Hello! I'm Mikey the Monkey will you be my new friend? or "My name's Martha the Monkey and I can't wait to play with you! They get a physical present to keep and something awesome to look forward to win-win!

Tree seedling

Another way to give a physical gift with your gift voucher is to tie the envelope to a tree seedling, or grow-your-own tree kit. Your giftee will be wondering why on Earth you've bought them a tree until they open their actual present and realise the connection! Even better, once they've planted their tree they'll always look at it and think of you. Say it with us now Tarzans: "arrrghhhhh!.

Festive foliage

If you're buying a gift voucher for your partner, or perhaps an older relative, you might want to tone down the packaging a little. Try wrapping your gift in a simple, sophisticated design of your choosing, then add some freshly cut foliage for a naturally festive touch. You could use holly leaves (just watch out for those prickles!), mistletoe, pine cones, pine tree cuttings, eucalyptus or wild berries. You can even use ingredients from your kitchen, such as rosemary sprigs and cinnamon sticks!

We hope we've inspired you think outside the (gift) box this Christmas! Have you bought your gift voucher yet?

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