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8 Reasons Why Early Mornings Rock!

  • Sophie
  • 22nd February 2017

Rise and shine!

Do you embrace early starts, or are you a self-confessed serial snoozer?

If you dread your alarm going off every morning, we want to change that! We think it's about time you learned to love the early a.m. and become something you never thought you'd become: a morning person!

There are loads of benefits to being an early riser 8 of these include:

Feel more awake

The more you snooze your alarm, the more groggy and fuzzy-headed you feel when you get up. Get up the first time it goes off, and you're more likely to feel fresh as a daisy!

Time to shower

Splish, splash! There's nothing like a cool, refreshing shower to set you up for the day. Plus, taking a shower in the morning means one less thing to do after work. We call that a win-win!

A few moments of peace

Hear that? No? Exactly. Rise before your family and enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet to yourself that is, before the mayhem ensues!

Get some exercise

Exercising in the mornings has loads of benefits, from improving our mood and concentration to boosting our metabolism and energy levels. How you choose to exercise is up to you go on a run, visit the gym en-route to the office, or workout to a YouTube tutorial from the comfort of your own living room!

Make a healthy brekkie

Grabbing a high-sugar cereal bar on your way out the door does not constitute a healthy breakfast! Having more time in the mornings means you can prepare yourself a nutritious brekkie that'll keep you fuller for longer!


Write your to-do list

...While you're enjoying your fresh fruit and yoghurt, you could get to work on your to-do list for the day, saving you a task when you get into the office.

Do some chores

Get some of your household chores out of the way so that you have more time to enjoy to yourself in the evenings!


Beat the rush

Leave your house nice and early and the dreaded morning rush hour commute won't be a problem for you anymore! If your boss allows flexitime, then an early start will also mean an early finish.

Every morning this week, try to get up a little earlier than usual you'll quickly realise the benefits of being an early riser! And if you can't seem to shake the habit of snoozing the alarm on your phone, put it somewhere out of reach so that you have to get up to turn it off. This trick works a treat!

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