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Are You Ready For National Gorilla Suit Day?

  • Sophie
  • 30th January 2015

Tomorrow is National Gorilla Suit Day, the day when men, women and children of all ages don their gorilla suits and stroll through their towns, visiting the neighbours and showing off their hirsute finery.

At Go Ape, we've been well known to ditch the cotton clothing for something a little more hairy in our time, so here's a quick look back at our favourite Gorilla moments from last years Big Banana Relay.

Gorillas can't drive. Who knew?!

But can change a tyre!


Luckily, when all else fails, there's always paddling.

For those that don't know, National Gorilla Suit Day bizarrely began after cartoonist Don Martin published a gorilla themed collection called Don Martin Bounces Back in 1963. A once fictitious concept, fans soon started celebrating National Gorilla Suit Day on 31st January, and we're so glad they did!

Taken from the original paperback book, check out this clip of well-loved character Fester Bestertester, as he suffers a series of arrgh-aah-aah-mazing assaults from real (and not so real) gorillas.


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