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Go Ape's Top Tricks For Beating Heat This Summer!

  • Sophie
  • 10th August 2017

Oh, summer. We spend all of autumn, winter and spring dreaming of your sun-filled days, and when you eventually arrive, we complain about the heat!


Many of us spend our Saturdays and Sundays seeking out the shadiest spots, as we incessantly fan our faces with any object that's up to the job. Pass us that magazine!

To all you heat-haters, fear not; the Go Ape tribe are here to help! We're lucky that our courses are kept nice and cool by the canopy of the trees;


but if you're out and about in the sunshine and want to beat the heat, here are 20 ingenious tips for doing just that:

1. When wanting to wear socks, submerge them in a bowl of ice-cold water before putting them on.


2. Thread a shoestring through three ice cubes and hang around the neck.

3. Make friends with a hummingbird in the hope that it will become your loyal face-fanner.

4. Wet and freeze a bunch of flannels to plonk on your face at any given opportunity.

5. Stick your bananas in the freezer and enjoy super-chilled (it tastes like ice-cream).

6. Alternatively, just buy ice-cream.

7. Take your lunch into work in a cool bag, rather than a lunch box.

8. Let the sprinkler water you at the same time as your garden by lying underneath it.

9. Fill up a bundle of water balloons and ask someone to throw them at you whenever you feel hot.

10. Be the epitome of fashion by donning an umbrella hat whilst out and about.

11. Ditch hot coffees for the iced alternative.

12. Hose yourself down when returning home from a day spent in the sunshine.

13. Develop a device to fix a portable fan onto your computer screen and be the envy of your office.

14. Eat cucumber in the hope that it will keep you cool as a cucumber.

15. Sub soup for gazpacho.

16. Fill up a paddling pool using only cold water and use as a plunge pool.

17. Shut your eyes and think of snow, studies have shown that the body reacts to this and lowers your temp (we're not joking).

18. Harness any opportunity you can to chill in the treetops at Go Ape. Whizzing through the air will keep you ultra-cool.

19. Freeze your pillowcase and sheets remove just before sleeping.

20. Heat rises so instead of walking, commando crawl whenever possible.

If you have any hot tips for keeping super cool this summer, don't forget to share them with us!

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