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What Kind Of Adventurer Are You?

  • Sophie
  • 30th June 2015

Are you air-bourne adventurer, land lover or supporter of the sea? Take our quiz to see just what sort of adventurer you are.

1. Which movie character would you most like to be?

A. Robin Hood

B. Indiana Jones

C. Popeye

D. Superman

2. Where would you choose to go on holiday?

A. The Lake District - beautiful forest walks and views to admire.

B. The Alps - in the summer to walk the trails and the winter to ski!

C. On the coast in Italy. You'll be able play in the sea to your hearts content!

D. Paragliding in France - getting off the ground!

3. What challenge would you most like to complete?

A. Go Ape - swinging through the trees.

B. Climbing Mount Everest - the higher, the better.

C. Sailing the Atlantic - single-handedly...

D. A sky-dive - the very thought of it makes my body tingle!

Here's what suits you most:


Mostly A's.


Don't forget we have 28 adventures UK wide. We brief you for safety before you fly down zip-wires whilst enjoying some of Britain's most breathtaking scenery.
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Mostly B's.



The mountain is where you feel most at home. You like to marvel at the views and see for miles from a great height.

For more Mountain adventures, hit the link to #ShareAdventure

Mostly C's.



You're at one with the ocean. A day with the wind in your hair and sounds of the waves is you at your best.

For more sea adventures, hit the link to #ShareAdventure

Mostly D's.



You like to try new things that involve getting off the ground and enjoy flying through the air! Perhaps our NEW Zip Trekking Adventure at Grizedale Forest should be next on your hit list.

For more Forest adventures, hit the link to #ShareAdventure

Whether you're a mountain explorer or a forest lover, be sure to check out our #SummerAdventure hub. It's a space that's designed to inspire your next adventure...


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