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Make The Most Of Your Bank Holiday

  • Sophie
  • 27th May 2016

What's that? Another bank holiday? Yes! (*pumps fist*).

It's Bank Holiday Monday next week (30th May), which for many people means a nice long weekend! And we don't want to tempt fate or anything, but the weather forecast is looking mega promising fingers crossed!

Now, we don't like to be the bearers of bad news (sorry in advance), but this bank hols is the last one 'til August. We've had a nice string of long weekends but after next Monday, that's it for a few months (*slowly lowers fist*).

So, what that means is you need to make the very most of this three-day weekend, fitting in as many fun-filled activities as you can! Stuck for ideas? Here's a few to consider:

Say "cheese!

Brockworth's notorious annual cheese rolling event is back on 30th May and sees a bunch of crazy fools leg it down the (very) steep Cooper's Hill, chasing a giant wheel of cheese. The first person to cross the finish line wins the weighty 8lb block of Double Gloucester.

Roll out

A bike ride is the ultimate bank holiday activity and the great thing is, it doesn't cost a thing! There are loads of traffic-free routes across the country ideal for families with small kids. If the sun's got his hat on, why not pack a picnic to enjoy when you take a pit stop? Take a look at the Sustrans website for some cycling inspiration.

Get your hike on

From coastal paths to mountain routes, the UK boasts some truly awesome hiking trails that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. And let's face it: few things in life compare to that "I did it! feeling when you reach the top!

If you've got kids in tow, it's worth doing your research beforehand to ensure the route you pick is family-friendly. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, why not try wild camping for the night? Your little ones will love getting back to nature and spending the night under the stars you can search for local sites on the Pitchup website.

If you're an avid hiker wanting to indulge in a whole weekend of walking, but haven't yet picked your destination, check out this Telegraph list of 10 best British hikes.



(Sorry, tempting fate again). We're pretty confident this weekend is going to be a scorcher, or very warm at least perfect weather for a spot of al fresco dining!

If you're thinking of inviting friends and family round for a hearty BBQ in the back garden, why not share the work and get them each to bring a dish? One person brings the nibbles, another brings the meat, another brings the drink, etc.

Go Ape!

Last but by no means last, how about visiting Go Ape and embarking on a Tree Top Adventure with your family this weekend? This is your chance for you all to unleash your inner Tarzans as you swing through the tree tops, tackling obstacles and hollering as you go! We've got 30 courses spanning the UK, so there's bound to be a Go Ape near you! Find your nearest here.

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