• Tarzan-Swing

    Adventure Is Good For Your Health

    • Sophie
    • 20th September 2017
    Adventure is for everyone! Check out these health benefits for silverbacks to venture on their next adventure.
  • Man-using-tablet-whilst-drinking-coffee

    Time For A Digital Detox

    • Sophie
    • 28th June 2017
    Go Ape share reasons why you should plan a digital detox and venture into the forest with your family this summer!
  • Raymond-Crathes-Castle

    How To Celebrate Senior Health And Fitness Day

    • Sophie
    • 24th May 2017
    Go Ape celebrates Senior Health and Fitness day by sharing tips to living an adventurous life, check them out here.
  • chocolate-2224998_640

    Time To Burn Off Those Easter Eggs!

    • Sophie
    • 28th April 2017
    Eaten too much chocolate this Easter? Go Ape share some activity ideas to burn off all those Easter eggs...
  • Zip6

    Adrenaline Rush? Yes Please

    • Sophie
    • 17th April 2017
    Are you a dare devil? Go Ape have got you covered... Find out how you can get your next adrenaline rush.
  • Beat-the-January-Blues

    8 Reasons Why Early Mornings Rock!

    • Sophie
    • 22nd February 2017
    Go Ape loves making the most of early mornings! Read how you can be active and make the most of yours...
  • healthy-lunch-recipes

    You Had Me At Avocado - Healthy Lunch Recipes

    • Sophie
    • 26th January 2017
    Need some cooking inspiration? We've got you covered. Try out our delicious healthy lunch recipes...
  • Love_Adventure_Tree_Trunk_LoRes

    Can You Achieve Hygge?

    • Sophie
    • 17th November 2016
    What's the recipe for achieving hygge? Step one... go on an adventure. Get started here...
  • ScreenShot20160222at115542

    Take A Break

    • Sophie
    • 13th September 2016
    Do you often work through the your lunch because you just got 'so much to do'? Take a look at how this could be making you LESS productive