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that's a wrap!

During May we set our loyal Tribe a series of challenges from peeling a banana with their feet to adventurous yoga poses and more - we have to admit, we were impressed! From our brilliant instructors pulling off perfect koala impressions to you, our incredible adventurers, showing us your poise and grace with tree poses all over the UK.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, we laughed and we cried (with more laughter), you've definitely got talent!

All that's left is to see whether your photos and videos made it into our May Games montage. Give it a watch and see.

Our #maythegamesbegin challenges

Our final challenge for the month.

You Proved to us that you can roll a banana down your forehead and into your mouth - who knew it could be done?! 

This challenge took precision, timing and balance that’s completely on the nose - literally.  

Go Ape May Games Challenge 4
Two of our Tribe took on the fourth and final challenge. 
One nailed it and one well he took part ...
P.s hugging a monkey wearing a baseball cap is optional but also highly encouraged. 
Think you’re the clingy type?

You’ve got nothing on our instructors.

They competed to see who could grip a tree like a koala for the longest time.

Cling. Film. and try not to fall off laughing!
Go Ape May Games Challenge 3

Bedgebury Bob and The Tribe are back at it again.
This time having a stab at the Koala Bear Tree Hugger Challenge. 
And as the sign says, Hurrah ...
can you beat them? Go On hug it out!
Have you got the balance of a ballerina?
The heart of a lion?
Then this is the challenge for you. Strike the classic “tree” yoga pose an unusual location and get some serious bragging rights.

NOTE: spandex leotards definitely not compulsory (instructors, we’re talking to you).

Go on, make the world your studio.
Go Ape May Games Challenge 2

Our instructors have already got the drop on you and have been trying their hand at the Tree Yoga Pose.

Here are three of our stand out favourites so far, can you do better?

Ready, Steady, Balance ...
Challenge 2 Instructor 2

Hello, twinkle toes.

How dextrous are your digits?

our tribe Showed us that they can foot-peel a banana faster and funnier than anyone else.

On your marks, get set, PEEL!
Go Ape May Games Challenge

One our instructors (Bedgebury Bob) has been demonstrating his dexterity and ingenuity and got the baNana rolling.
Its just up to you to beat him now!