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Before your Go Ape adventure, you need to have a good read of the following information and advice. And make sure your tribe gets to grips with it too. Saves any unexpected blips on the day.

Arriving on time

We don’t like to clock-watch at Go Ape, but it’s vital you get here on time for the start of your session. If you arrive late and miss your session, or cancel on the day, we’ll still charge you full price. Arriving on time means no one gets stressed out or disappointed. Factor in extra time for driving through the forest, parking and rocking up at the cabin, especially on busy days when you’re more likely to get stuck in traffic. With all the excitement to Go Ape, please ensure you’ve checked that you’ve been sensible when parking up your car. You know, the usual checking it’s locked, not leaving anything valuable on display, or even better – just leave valuables at home.

Wearing the right gear

Go Ape is an outdoor activity so come in clothes you don’t mind getting grubby. And dress for the weather, even if that means sticking a finger in the air and expecting the worst. An absolute no-no is open-toed or slip-on footwear. We recommend ankle-supporting boots. Some people like to wear gloves, especially if it’s cold. You can buy these at the cabin if you forget. Long hair has to be tied back, waists covered and body piercings removed or taped over.

Getting fed and watered

You can get a light snack at most of our sites where there’s a visitor’s centre. We don’t operate these, so opening times may not be the same as ours. Best to check online first. Feel free to bring a picnic to Go Ape – most sites have outdoor tables and seating.

Preparing for the weather

We do everything we can to avoid it, but sometimes Go Ape has to close at short notice because of bad weather. If this happens we’ll try and contact you, which is why we ask for your mobile phone number when you book. If we haven’t had a chance to inform you of a closure before you arrive, the course manager will update you on likely re-opening times.

Finding us and parking the car

We’ve put directions on our website. At most sites you’ll have to pay for parking, unless pre-paid parking is detailed in your booking. This is because car parks are managed by forest owners, not us. Parking charges vary from course to course and can change at any time, so bring plenty of loose change.

One other note on finding us – because some of our locations are out in the sticks, directions by postcode aren’t always accurate. So don’t rely totally on satellite navigation. Best to check before you head out, and to cross reference your route with our map.

Most importantly, enjoy your time with us!