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Monkeying Around In The Name Of Charity

  • Sophie
  • 1st October 2013

Our instructors at Delamere Forest took on an epic challenge on the 30th September.

Ascending the exact distance from the bottom of the ocean to the top of Mount Everest by pulling themselves up a zip line, the team worked together to raise money for Help for Heroes Official and Cancer Research UK. A mere 19,772 metres to climb! The team tell us about their day.

Go Ape Delamere Forest, Monday 30th of September 2013, 08:29.

I find myself clipped to the bottom of zip line 5 ready to go. For me this isn't unusual, over the past 8 years I've been in the very same situation an uncountable amount of times. What is odd, however, are the 5 other sleepy instructors stood behind me stifling yawns and shouting encouragement. 08:30 ticks over and I'm off, wind in my hair cable in my hands flying UP zip line 5. I cruised to the top in a respectable time and zip back down again. 212 metres done, 19,560 metres to go and so our journey begins from 'The Bottom Of The Ocean To The Top Of Mount Everest'.

Everyone beasts out their ascents and we're leaving the metres of climbing trembling in our wake. More and more instructors arrive bringing food, enthusiasm and most importantly fresh arms. 

12:30, 4 hours in and we're at 50 ascents, 10,600 metres well over half way.

Proud, pleased and only a little tired we risk an hour's lunch break and fire up the BBQ.

13:30 we don our harnesses and prepare to destroy this challenge.

Refuelled and refreshed we smash out our first few ascents but soon enough the zip line begins to fight back. It claims first blood with a few trapped fingers and cut skin. Everyone begins to feel the 'burn' and our times begin to s..l...o....w. Screaming, shouting and an unwavering team effort keeps us going. Everyone digs deep and we just keep pulling the end is in sight.

85 ascents done, 18,020 metres climbed.

9 more left.... Let's go to a 100, let's climb past Everest someone suggests. We can't resist pushing ourselves that little bit further, we do like to live life adventurously.

Everyone clips on for their final ascent and stays at the top....98...99...100! We've done it! 19,772+ metres, 100 ascents of zip line 5. The entire tribe are on site 5 and in turn we head back down group hug and a well deserved trip to the pub.

Every single instructor and our Managing Director Jerome Mayhew put in an immeasurable amount of effort.

We completed the task in less than 8 hours, we showed an incredible team spirit and a tough mental attitude. We would all like to thank everyone that sponsored us and supported our challenge, together we raised over £1500 for Help For Heroes and Cancer Research UK and had such a fun time doing it.

Anything can be achieved so long as you don't let go.

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