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go ape battersea park... a course like no other

  • Sophie
  • 29th February 2016

You're strolling through the heart London, soaking in the city's many sights. And suddenly, you hear a loud, elongated shriek that sounds extremely similar to a Tarzan holler.

Are your ears deceiving you?

No, they aren't! It's been a long time coming but Go Ape has officially landed in the centre of London and is open for monkey business! Our course occupies a large corner of the beautiful Battersea Park, which is located on the south bank of the River Thames. Here are some of the reasons why the newest addition to the Go Ape family is extra special:

It's in the city

Go Ape Battersea Park is a first for any city in the UK (you're welcome, Londoners!). One minute you could be strolling around the streets of the capital with hordes of city-dwellers, the next you could be up in the tree tops about to take on one of our courses!

Battersea Park seemed like the perfect spot for a Go Ape course as it's close to many of London's landmarks; Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, Big Ben, the National History Museum and London Eye are all less than three miles away. This means you can easily combine a Tree Top Adventure with a spot of sightseeing.

Oh course for those north of the city, there's also Go Ape Trent Park, with a Tree Top Adventure boasting over 600m of obstacles and crossings, including a 120m zip wire!

It's mega high

Warning: this course is not for the faint-hearted. Most obstacles are double the height of those at our other locations. After all, we want to give you the best possible view of the cityscape in the background!

As you probably know already, Go Ape's motto is 'live life adventurously.' We think that, through adventure, we get to challenge ourselves and discover our true potential. That's why we decided to take it higher when designing the Battersea Park course.

Even if you've swung with us before, the Battersea Park course is bound to test your nerves. But that's the great thing about it! Climb it, conquer it, and feel a massive sense of achievement when you complete it!

Obstacles are longer

The new course isn't just twice as high, but many of the obstacles are twice as long too! And if they're double the distance, this means the obstacles are going to be twice as wobbly (and twice as fun). I think it's fair to say that Battersea Park Go Ape is our most challenging course to date, both mentally and physically. Think you can handle it?


There's a Tree Top Junior

Hang on a minute! It's not fair for adults to have all the fun. If you've got mini Tarzans in your tribe, they're bound to love our Tree Top Junior course. You can watch from the ground as they explore the canopy and grow more confident with each obstacle they cross. And to finish off their adventure, they'll get to whizz down a zip wire and into a huge pile of woodchip!

At Go Ape Battersea Park, the high ropes are higher, zip lines are longer, bridges are shakier...But don't take our word for it book a Go Ape adventure for you and your tribe and see for yourself!

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