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give the gift of adventure this christmas! 

  • Sophie
  • 7th December 2016

We all have that someone in our lives who (even though we love them very much) is extremely difficult to buy presents for.

It happens every Christmas. We ask them for ideas and they say "I'll have a think'' - but never get back to us. Or they say those dreaded words: "Just surprise me! So we end up buying some out-of-the-box gift; and as they pull it out of the wrapping paper, they say "I love it! in that strange, high-pitched voice. They're lying and we have failed, again. What's worse is that we've lost the receipt, so we can't even offer to take it back.

Right! it's time to put an end to this!

No more wasting money on presents that never see the light of day once Christmas has passed; presents that get sold for next-to-nothing at a car boot sale, or get shoved under the bed and forgotten about.

It's time to surprise that special someone with a gift they will actually appreciate and use! A gift they won't have to pretend to like when they open it on Christmas day. They'll tell you that they love it, and actually mean it!

We are, of course, talking about the glorious gift of adventure!


Just imagine their face upon finding out that they'll soon be swinging through the trees in an Ape-like fashion?!

In fact, with a Go Ape gift voucher, you can pick an adventure that best suits them. Would they like to climb high into the tree tops to tackle everything from bridges and tunnels to swings and stirrups? Or, would they rather cruise around the forest on-board our all-terrain Forest Segways?

Our Tree Top Adventure courses are hibernating for winter, but they'll be back open for monkey business come spring. So, that leaves plenty of time for that special someone to get psyched up about their one-of-a-kind forest outing!

If that 'special someone' is a little monkey, you could buy them a gift voucher for a Tree Top Junior adventure, with courses remaining open year-round (so long as the weather is OK).



Oh, and if you need any more persuading... for a limited time, we're giving away a FREE virtual reality headset with every postal gift voucher!

By downloading the Go Ape 360 app, the giftee will get a taste of what Go Ape is all about before their big day. Donning our monkey-inspired headsets, they'll be able to swing through the trees whilst sat on the sofa, and zip around the forest whilst tucked up in bed!

Time's ticking if you want to get your furry mitts on this great gift so go, go, go!

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