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How to axe throw

Last updated: 03/11/2023 

Everything you need to know about Axe Throwing


Go Ape is known for its abundance of impressive treetop crossings, stunning woodlands and epic zip lines. Go Ape do have these in spades, it's true, but we have so much more to offer. From Forest Segways to bouncy Nets Adventure but also Axe Throwing.

Yes, that's correct, axe throwing. The most satisfying hour of your week as you sling axes hitting bullseyes and cheer on your mates.

At Coventry (Coombe Abbey), Matfen (Newcastle), Bracknell (Berkshire)and Southampton (Hampshire) you can embrace your inner warrior with an unforgettable Axe Throwing Adventure.

So, if you are new to axe throwing, then read on as we've produced a handy guide that includes top tips, how axe throwing at Go Ape works and the games you can play with your friends to spice up the competition.

how to axe throw

1. The anatomy of an axe

Quick lesson: the top metal part of the axe is called the head, and the wooden part of the axe is called the shaft.

The way to throw is to hold tight onto the shaft and then release it from the centre of your body.

2. Don't beleive the movies

You do not need to look like a Viking to be able to throw an axe! While Hollywood may suggest you need bulging muscles to wield an axe, they are wrong. As our instructors will teach you, axe throwing is a skilled art that relies on technique.

3. Find a solid stance

When you're throwing, you want to find a comfortable, stable and strong stance.

Keeping your body and head facing towards the target can significantly reduce the margin of error in throwing!

How does axe throwing at Go Ape work?


Axe Throwing sessions are 1 hour long with a maximum of 12 people per session, meaning that up to 4 people will be throwing at once.

The sessions are split into learning, practice and playtime - and there is plenty of each.

Firstly, your Go Ape instructor will play you the Axe Throwing safety brief. This will go through how to hold the axe, the stance to adopt and, most importantly, how to throw the axe safely.

Depending on the group size, everyone will get the chance to have about 10-15 practise shots, and then the games will begin.

axe throwing Games


Much like the countered version, the game aims to hit your partner's x's on the target and 'sink their ship'. This game requires skill, patience and will have you and your friends laughing in no time. 


You don't need a casino or even cards to play 21 at Go Ape! The rules are simple, the first person to reach 21 points (or the closest person to 21 points) wins. In this game, the bullseye is worth 5 points, the next ring is worth 4 points and so on.

Now you have the lowdown on axe throwing at Go Ape, it's time to put your knowledge into practice.

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