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Treetop Adventure Thetford

If you've been to visit our Thetford Forest course recently, you may have noticed things were a bit different in the canopy this time around.
Tarzan Swing

That's because we've renovated our Tree Top Adventure and turned it into a brand new course for you! Thetford was our first ever site, a mother hen to all the sites that followed her, so it's only right that after 14 years, the place got a makeover.


New Platforms at Go Ape Thetford

Not only have we put in all new obstacles and crossings, we've rethought the entire layout of the course, meaning you get to see parts of the forest you wouldn't have seen last time.

With the new design comes a unique aspect for those adventurous monkeys out there a dual course. That means you now have a choice of which route you take moderate or extreme. Along these routes you'll encounter brand new back-to-back black crossings (don't worry these are optional) and a one-of-a-kind dual zip wire where you can race your pri-mates to the landing area. Sound challenging enough for you?



There's lots more that's happened on the ground too. The party area has had a complete re-furb and is now an idyllic forest retreat.

You may even catch sight of a sprite or forest fairy in the aptly named "pixie palace; a brand new cabin that seats up to 20 people, and boasts a fully furbished interior with pillows, electricity and heated floors.

We've also opened up another level of the events area (literally, it's on another level) where you can hang out with your party it's the open air tree house.

Be the king or queen of the jungle in an exclusive open-air platform in the trees, scattered with comfy beanbags and garden games to entertain your guests. The new events area is available to hire for parties and corporate events every day of the week.


10am Arrive at the Go Ape cabin and check in. You can use your exclusive events area to wait for your fellow pri-mates or set up games/meeting agendas for later on in the day

10:30am Set off on your 2-3-hour Tree Top Adventure and enjoy yourselves

1:30pm It's time for lunch in the forest shelter. You can either bring your own picnic or book our mid-week caterers for a Go Ape forest feast

2:30pm Make use of the whole events area with team-building games or just hang out in the treehouse platform and chill with your party

3:30pm Head into the indoor shelter to host a meeting, complete a team-building personality test or play some games, the choice is up to you.

5pm Leave the forest with great memories of your day


Swing by with your Tribe to check out the new and improved Go Ape at Thetford Forest. Prepare to face exhilarating new challenges, witness unseen forest views up in the trees and relax in style when you land back on the ground. We look forward to seeing you there.