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How to Plan an Adventure Stag Do

Last updated: 08/ 03/ 2024


So, your best mate is getting hitched and it's your duty as the best man to plan the ultimate stag do.

The pressure is on to plan an adventurous stag do that will go down in history as the wildest, most thrilling, and most unforgettable party. Especially because the groom is a thrill-seeker who loves pushing their limits. 

Well look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

Introducing: Go Ape Stag Do’s .

But first things first, let's start with the basics. You'll need a group of willing participants, a budget, and a date. Once you have those sorted, the real fun begins.

Step 1: Assemble your tribe

Gather up the groomsmen and round up the rest of the tribe. Make sure everyone is on board with the idea of an action-packed, adrenaline-fueled stag do. The best way to keep communications easy and provide everyone with the key details is to set up a group chat, keeping group communications simple to keep track of and leaving less room for mistakes. The last thing you want is the groom's soon to be father in law rocking up at the wrong location!

Step 2: Decide on a location

Go Ape has locations all over the UK, from the Lake District to London, so pick a spot that's convenient for the majority of the group.

We’ve selected the best of our locations that offer multiple activities if you’re looking to make a day of your forest excursion.

man in black hoodie on Go Ape zip line in forest  | how to plan a stag do



From Axe Throwing, to a stomach-churning 12-metre vertical drop and an outdoor escape room plus an exclusive alpine zip to zip, Go Ape Coventry has something for everyone! 

man in grey top on Go Ape crossing  | how to plan a stag do

Forest of Dean


The Challenge course at Go Ape Forest of Dean is definitely one for the bold and brave with its newly extended zip wires whilst our all-terrain Segways allow you to enjoy fun closer to the earth as you zip through the forest on a unique adventure. Perfect for you adventurous hens looking to try something a bit different! 

Sherwood Pines


Be prepared for some serious speed on the Challenge course at Go Ape Sherwood, where the tandem zip wire speedometer can hit 20mph. Plus, if you like to try something different and enjoy going off road, hop on board one of our all-terrain Segways and explore the woodlands at speed! 


North Yorkshire

Go Ape Dalby is Home to a jaw-dropping Treetop Challenge where you and your tribe will find yourself 35 metres up in the air, this location is perfect for the boldest and bravest hens. Hop on a Forest Segway for a full-day experience and take in the forest view as you whizz by. 


Lake District

This stunning location is ideal for hens looking to experience an unforgettable adventure. Go Ape Grizedale is home to our one and only Zip Trekking experience! A fully guided, two-hour event,  this is one to share with your favourite people as you take on an exhilarating 3km of tandem zips! You'll be talking about it for years!



Scream your way around Swiny Forest on the Challenge route at Go Ape Bracknell - be prepared for 2-3 hours of tree-to-tree obstacles designed to get the adrenaline pumping and the heart thumping. Hop on board our all-terrain Segways and zip through the forest for an unforgettable adventure closer to the ground. 

Step 3: Choose your activities

Imagine swinging from tree to tree like a modern-day Tarzan, or zipping through the forest like a superhero with unrivalled forest views. Go Ape has a variety of blood-pumping activities designed to test your nerve and grit. And the opportunity to bring your grooms tribe together for a true bonding experience is not to be missed for your friends last hurrah. 

Axe Throwing

Release your inner warrior as you and your tribe showcase your strength and accuracy with Axe Throwing. This competitive sport is a great way for your group to unleash their wild side and get in touch with their inner Thor as you try to take down the bullseye and win the title! 

Available at Bracknell, Coventry, Matfen and Southampton.

Forest Segway

Join us in the forest on our all-terrain Forest Segway experience. Our unique trails are bursting with a mix of twists, turns and straight open paths, which provide a whole new dimension to your adventure in the woods. 

Treetop Challenge

Treetop Challenge is a brilliant bonding experience perfect for bring everyone together, making it the ideal adventure to kick off your stag party. Depending on your chosen location you can spend 1 or 2-3 hours combating our daring high ropes course, complete with thrilling Tarzan swings and exhilarating zip wires!

Zip Trekking

Zip Trekking at Grizedale is a bucket list worthy and ultimate zip wire experience that will have you whizzing through the heart of the UK’s Lake District, flying across seven forest zip lines totalling a whopping 3km.

Available at Grizedale

Challenge Plus

For the real thill-seekers! Push your limits further than ever with Go Ape's newest and most demanding high ropes adventure, Challenge Plus. A dialled-up version of Treetop Challenge that will test your mental grit and physical boundaries.

Available at Cockfosters, Sherwood Pines, Thetford

Step 4: Plan your accommodation

It's important to have a comfortable place to rest your head after a long day of adventure. And what better way to complete your adventure than a cabin in the woods or forest escape. 

If you are looking for somewhere to stay then why not try the ultimate forest retreat and head to Forest Holidays? They have a range of cabins close to some of our Go Ape locations.

a cabin in the woods  | how to plan a stag do

Image: Forest Holidays

Step 5: Add in the extras

No stag do is complete without a bit of mischief. Plan a surprise activity, like a paintball battle or a night out on the town. Or stick to your adventure theme and make it extra special with added activities like a BBQ or a challenging hike. 

Don't forget the traditional stag do essentials like matching t-shirts or hats. And remember to snap some photos and videos to document the shenanigans.

man in banana costume cheering and embracing friend  | how to plan a stag do

And there you have it. With a bit of planning and a lot of excitement, you can pull off the ultimate adventurous stag do.

A Go Ape stag do is the perfect opportunity to bond with your tribe, conquer your fears, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, it's not just for the groom squad, why not make it a 'sten' or 'hag' party and get the bride-to-be and the bride squad to also join in the fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan the ultimate stag do and Go Ape! Trust us, it'll be an adventure you'll never forget.

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