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Imagine soaring carefree through the sky, over cities, lakes and lush, green countryside. Swooping through valleys and taking time out at the tip of tree-tops.

Well, thanks to Go Ape, you no longer need to imagine! Our zip wires have (sort of) made human flight possible, enabling you to soar through the sky with your arms (or shall we say, wings?) spread wide! And if you want to yell, "I'm a bird! well, that's completely up to you!

The wind-in-your-face feeling you get when you step (or jump, or leap) off the zip platform is truly unbeatable (you'll know what we mean if you've zipped with Go Ape before). You'll fly through the trees and above them, through valleys and across glistening lakes set deep within the forest. Then you'll come to land on top of a squidgy mound of woodchip!

If you've never been to Go Ape, we dare you to come and give it a go, as you definitely won't regret it. Even if you feel a little anxious about heights, our obstacle courses are a great way to conquer your fear. Besides, when you're on a zip wire you've got to remember that you're getting closer to the ground with each passing second!

If you've visited us before, then we dare you to return to the forest and do Go Ape like a pro! Maybe the last time you held on for dear life when zipping; this time, let go and embrace it! Or, last time you might have failed to land on your feet at the end of the zip; this time, challenge yourself to see how many times you can land vertically!

You'll find zip wires at all of our Go Ape courses. They're all awesome (if we do say so ourselves), but here's a pick of some of our greatest zips:


Set in the heart of the glorious Loch Lomond, Go Ape Aberfoyle is home to two of Britain's longest zip wires, each stretching over 400m. On one of the zips, you'll fly over a 90-foot waterfall - cool, huh?

Glentress Forest

In Glentress Forest in Peebles you'll find our highest zip wire! You'll fly over beautiful reservoirs and in the valley the views are truly awesome.


A stone's throw from the city of Exeter, Go Ape at Haldon Forest Park boasts two 235m zip wires, flying you from hilltop to hilltop with stunning views of Dartmoor National Park.


Our Go Ape in beautiful Cumbria is home to seven zip wires, one after the other, covering a whopping 3km of forest! If you're looking for the ultimate zip experience, then it's got to be this Zip Trekking Adventure!

Suddenly feeling in the mood for some zip wiring? Us too! As mentioned, all our Go Ape courses feature zip wires. Browse our locations to find your nearest Go Ape today.