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Which Go Ape Activity is Right For My Tribe?

choosing the right go ape activity


At Go Ape, we're all about encouraging everyone to live life adventurously regardless of age or ability. So, with an exciting range of activities for all adventure levels across our 34 UK locations, we know it can be tricky to land on the right activity for you and your tribe. Below you'll find all Go Ape activities listed with the locations they're available at, what to expect from them and who they're designed for, so you can be sure to choose your next perfect adventure in the great outdoors.

Kids High Ropes Courses 

Treetop Adventure

Treetop Adventure is specifically designed for little adventurers who can't wait to tackle the great outdoors. With action-packed tree-to-tree crossings and wobbly bridges, mini explorers can climb to new heights tackling 2-3 loops (depending on the location) with an exhilarating zip wire at the end of each loop.
Treetop Adventure is a guaranteed confidence booster and heaps of fun for younger kids over 1m tall. Kids under 6 need an adult to join them on the Treetop Adventure course, while parents of children 6+ have the choice of cheering from below or soaring in the treetops.
Please note there is a max weight of 20.5 stone (130kg) on Treetop Adventure.

You’ll find a Treetop Adventure course at 25 Go Ape courses across the UK including Alexandra Palace, Alice Holt, Battersea, Bedgebury, Black Park, Bracknell, Cannock Chase, Chessington, Coventry, Crawley, Dalby, Dalkeith, Delamere, Forest of Dean (Beechenhurst), Grizedale, Haldon, Leeds Castle, Moors Valley, Normanby, Sherwood Pines, Southampton, Temple Newsam, Thetford, Wendover Woods, Whinlatter and Wyre.

Treetop Adventure Plus

Treetop Adventure Plus is an extension to our Treetop Adventure experience, the perfect option for older kids wanting to explore new heights and dial up the adventure. Ease into Treetop Adventure Plus as you begin with Treetop Adventure loops before delving deeper into the treetops to tackle more challenging crossings. Finally finishing off with the biggest zip ride of the day back to the ground.

Treetop Adventure Plus is calling all daredevils over 6 years and above 1.2m. Adults can supervise up to 8 children aged between 6-15 years, either supporting from the ground or high up in the trees.

Please note there is a max weight of 20.5 stone (130kg) on Treetop Adventure Plus.
You’ll find Treetop Adventure Plus at 18 Go Ape courses across the UK including Alexandra Palace, Alice Holt, Battersea, Bedgebury, Black Park, Bracknell, Cannock Chase, Coventry, Dalkeith, Delamere, Forest of Dean (Beechenhurst), Grizedale, Leeds Castle, Moors Valley, Sherwood Pines, Temple Newsam, Thetford and Whinlatter.

Nets Adventure

Nets Adventure is a one-of-a-kind adventure playground. It’s the ultimate outdoor, treetop soft play 30 feet above the forest floor. Hosting treehouses, netted walkways, bouncy nets full of inflatable balls and super slides to bring you back down to earth in style.

Suitable for all kids (over 1 year) there

Please note there is a max weight of 20.5 stone (130kg) on Nets Adventure.
You’ll find Nets Adventure at 3 Go Ape courses across the UK including Black Park, Moors Valley and Sherwood Pines.

Teens and Adults High Ropes + Zip Experiences

Treetop Challenge

Treetop Challenge is the adventure of choice for teens and adults who crave fun, thrills and excitement with high tree-to-trees crossings. Fly through the treetops on super-fast ziplines or soar like Tarzan with an adrenaline-pumping free-fall swing. Our most popular treetop trek will leave you feeling more alive than ever.

Treetop Challenge is all about more freedom and more thrill, so adventurers need to be over 10 years and above 1.4m.

Please note there is a max weight of 20.5 stone (130kg) on Treetop Challenge.
You’ll find Treetop Challenge at all Go Ape courses (except Forest of Dean Beechenhurst) across the UK.

Challenge xpress

Looking for a thrill without dedicating the whole day to it? Challenge Xpress is perfect for those with the spirit of adventure and limited time. It'll still get your heart pumping, but you can conquer all the spine-tingling obstacles in almost half the time it takes to complete Go Ape’s other treetop courses.

You’ll need to be over 10 years and above 1.4m to tackle this challenge. Supervising adults participating in the trees can supervise a maximum of four children under 13 years. For adults cheering on from the forest floor, you can supervise a maximum of 8 children aged 13-15 from the ground (or on the activity).

Please note there is a max weight of 20.5 stone (130kg) on Challenge Xpress.

You’ll find Challenge Xpress at 3 Go Ape courses across the UK including Alexandra Palace, Battersea and Coventry.

Treetop Challenge plus

Go Ape's new Challenge Plus is the dialled-up, more intense version of the Treetop Challenge that will give all thrill seekers an exciting and rewarding experience like no other. Conquer tree-to-tree crossings with Mind The Gap, Wrecking Balls and Hanging Anchors – all while testing not only your physical boundaries but also your mental grit.

Make sure to come prepared as good fitness levels and strength are necessary for this extreme activity suitable only for those brave enough over 16 years old.

Please note there is a max weight of 20.5 stone (130kg) on Challenge Plus.

You’ll find Challenge Plus at 3 Go Ape courses across the UK including Cockfosters, Sherwood Pines, Thetford.

Zip Trekking Adventure

Fly faster and longer than ever before as you soar across seven thrilling zip wires in one of the UK's most beautiful locations, The Lake District. Covering a total distance of three kilometres, this unique experience promises to be truly epic- an experience that will stay with you forever.

This is your ultimate ticket to zip wire heaven for adventurers over 13 years and between 7 stone and 19.5 stone.

You’ll find Zip Trekking Adventure exclusively at Go Ape Grizedale.

Zip Line Experience

For adventurers short on time, but full of excitement. Take advantage of our amazing Zip Line Experience at select locations. Feel the air rush by your face as you soar through the sky and get your zipline fix quicker with this express adventure. Go big, high and fast - and don't forget to soak up the stunning views.

Zip Line Experience is suitable for thrill seekers over 10 years old and above 1.4m.

Please note there is a max weight of 20.5 stone (130kg).

the Plummet

Take a deep breath, step onto The Plummet's wooden platform 12 metres above the forest floor - then let go! Feel your heart in your throat as you plummet towards the ground. You’re sure to find out - there's no feeling quite like that "stomach drop" sensation before being caught at with an exhilarating jolt at exactly the right moment by your trusty line...

The Plummet is suitable for anyone above 1.4m looking to get their adrenaline and heart racing.

You’ll find The Plummet exclusively at Go Ape Coventry.

Ground-Based Fun

Forest segways

Forest Segways are an adventure like no other. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our UK forests while exploring twists, turns, and open paths -all on a heavy-duty all-terrain Segway. Whether it's kids or adults enjoying this ride—there’s something out there to challenge everyone as they show off their newfound skills after some practice and off-road introduction lessons.

All riders must weigh between 7 stone and 18.4 stone to participate.

You’ll find Forest Segways at 12 Go Ape courses across the UK including Black Park, Bracknell, Cannock Chase, Crawley, Dalby, Delamere, Forest of Dean (Mallards Pike), Grizedale, Moors Valley, Sherwood Pines, Thetford and Whinlatter.

axe throwing

Unleash your inner warrior for the ultimate outdoor experience! An hour of axe-throwing promises to be a thrilling, stress-relieving adventure. Test yourself as you aim for that elusive bullseye - it's not just about strength but technique too. We've got qualified instructors providing top tips to help unleash your competitive spirit.

Axe Throwing is suitable for adventurers over 16 years ready to prove their warrior prowess.

You’ll find Axe Throwing at 4 Go Ape courses across the UK including Bracknell, Coventry, Matfen and Southampton.

Mini Land Rovers

Treat your little ones to an adventure like never before as they experience the wheel-spinning fun of driving their own Mini Land Rover on an invigorating track exclusively at Go Ape Coventry. With twists and turns in abundance, it's sure to be thrilling. Plus, you'll get three laps of action (approx. 20 minutes).
Mini Land Rovers are available most days that the Treetop course is open as a ‘walk by’ service but young drivers must be between 3-11 years old and all vehicles require adult supervision – either walking alongside or sitting in the vehicle with your young adventurer.
The vehicles can accommodate a combined max weight of 130kg per vehicle (driver and passenger).

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